Wood Driveway Snow Plow Marking Stakes vs. Plow Right Stakes

Posted by Eric Estes on Oct 21st 2021

Wood Driveway Snow Plow Marking Stakes vs. Plow Right Stakes

We've already reviewed the difference between our stakes and fiberglass stakes. Now, you may be considering wood driveway markers, but they also come with some drawbacks. Learn how our stakes give wood plow stakes a run for their money in price, longevity, and efficacy.

Wooden Driveway Markers Break Easy

If fiberglass stakes aren't durable, wood marking stakes are even less durable. They often only last a few uses and tend to split during installation. Some find that they can break off and leave a sharp point which can be a hazard to your or your snow plow, especially if they become covered by snow. And when compared to Plow Right Marking Stakes that last for years, they are also comparable in price! Wooden markers usually cost an average of 20 cents and only last a few uses. In comparison, our durable 26" stakes can be purchased for as low as 36 cents apiece. Our High-Density Polyethylene snow plow markers are built to last and are a one-time investment that you can count on.

Wood Marking Stakes Lack Visibility

Unlike our colorful HDPE stakes, wood marking stakes barely stand out in the snow. Unless you take the time to paint each stake and wrap it with reflective tape, their dull color can be easy to miss and can put the property at risk. Conversely, Plow Right marking stakes are available in several bright neon colors such as orange, green, red, pink, and blue. Our driveway markers will stand out amongst the white snow and will help keep your property secure! And you can even color code using our driveway markers. You can choose a color to represent a specific obstacle or landmark to boost awareness of the surrounding area.

Plow Right Marking Stakes are Simple to Install

Wood snow stakes need to be pounded into the ground to be installed and can even require extra tools such as a drill or screwdriver. To eliminate these issues, we created an installation tool that works efficiently with our HDPE stakes. The tool pierces a hole in the ground, and when lifted, releases the marker firmly in its place. It not only makes installation easier but also boosts productivity. Don't forget, we recommend staking your property in October for maximum coverage and efficiency.

Safeguard Your Property with Plow Right

Plow Right has everything you need to mark your driveway and keep your property safe. Our premium snow plow stakes are comprised of hollow high-density polyethylene that will outlast the winter. Please contact us to learn more or shop now!