Fiberglass Marking Stakes Alternative Along Sidewalk

We understand that our high-quality, weather-resistant polyethylene marking stakes, durable carrying pack, and handy installation tool set us apart from other products on the market. But our passion for excellent service is what our customers appreciate most about Plow Right.

Browse some of our testimonials below to see why professionals like you choose Plow Right Marking Stakes. And if you're not convinced, please contact us to experience our excellent service firsthand. We'd be happy to discuss your unique needs and explain how our products can become an additional revenue source for your operation.

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“At LawnGuru we are always looking for new services to offer our users. The first time we saw Plow Right Marking Stakes, we knew it could be a great add-on service. The average install on a residential driveway took under 3 minutes. For our providers, this was an easy source of additional revenue. We look forward to exclusively using plow right marking stakes for years to come.”

Brandon Bertrang, Co-Founder & CEO – LawnGuru

"Plow-Right markers are awesome. The speed at which these can be set is unreal. No hammer required. As quick as you can walk and push them in the ground they are set. I was a bit concerned at first that they would not be set deep enough. But after setting just a few, I realized the system works great. Do yourself a favor and try them."

Wayne Volz, Owner – Wayne's Lawn Service

"We've been using Plow Right Marking Stakes at all of our locations across the Midwest for a couple years now. The product is great, but more importantly, and why we continue to do business with them - is the service. Eric is quick to respond, quick to ship, and very professional. We can buy snow stakes anywhere, but it's the service that keeps us coming back to Plow Right! I'm comfortable recommending them to other professionals in the snow and ice management industry."

Mike Voories, Chief Operating Officer – Brilar

"No stakes like Plow-Right Marking Stakes... Quick and easy! Best pricing on stakes! We love these things and you will too! Staking sites used to cost our company upwards of $1,500 in labor alone! We have brought that cost down significantly by switching."

Max Rocamora - Roc Brothers, LLC

"Plow Right Marking Stakes allowed us to provide an alternative option to the standard marking stakes that most are used to. Plow Right makes a product that is durable, affordable, and extremely easy to install. We plan to carry this product in our supply yard for as long as it exists!"

Zach Horning, Operations Manager  Great Deal Products Landscape Supplies/Hot Pink Deicer

"Awesome stakes! They work amazing, I 100% vouch for them! They popped right back up after pushing a huge V-Scoop over them!"

Cody Kenney - Kenney Landscaping

"Great product innovation, massively more productive than traditional stakes/markers."

Ken Miller - Evolution Unlimited Inc.

"Awesome product and company! Made in the USA, quality, value, customer service, availability; just what my company needed!"

Paul Rocca - PWR Lawnscape

"Great product. Fast shipping!"

Donald Long - Long Inc.

"Great Product, easy install, save time which is money!"

Tom Grouley - Momentum Exterior Services

"Excellent product, quality, and customer service!"

Chris Hellen - C & K Lawn Services

"Plow Right Marking Stakes are a great product that allowed us to take another customized approach to how we do snow removal, by offering custom colors it has helped us stand above the rest and also helps our operators know what parking lots are ours. Highly recommend giving them a shot vs. competitor products."

Jason Fox - S.T.E. Inc.

"No damage to plow trucks or customer’s vehicles."

Edgar Salazar - Diaz Group LLC

"Quick and easy, all winter long durability."

Mitch Mulert - From the Ground Up LLC

"The best stakes I’ve ever used in my 30 years of plowing."

Donald Hodges - New England Lawn and Landscape

"Love the fast shipping, price, and ease of installation! Also made in the USA!"

Jason Smith - Smith’s Lawn Care

"Great product!"

Dylan Stowell - D.T.S. Landscaping

"Outstanding! Great ease of installation with tool, and they don’t break easily like fiberglass stakes! Love them!"

Derrick Pettit - Hochard Contracting LLC

"I've been in the snowplow business for over 10 years and used almost every type of plow stake there is. These are hands down the best quality/bang for your buck out there!"

Sam Caldwell

"No fiberglass splinters stabbing my hands?! Well worth it!"

Tom Shaefer - Goog’s Fence

"Great product, easy to use, and looks great. Saved me a lot of time and a lot better than fiberglass stakes."

Ethan Hart - I.E.C.

"Our first winter using Plow Right Marking Stakes and we will be using them again this year. We plan on converting all of our properties to Plow Right Stakes!"

Ryan Kobel - Kobel Brothers Lawn Care

"Definitely recommend Plow Right. I installed all of my sites in one day by myself. They lasted really well too."

James Langdon - United Grading and Surveying

"Plow Right Marking Stakes are now my go-to marking stake for both plowing and lawn work. Great product and easy to use. Will be going back for more."

Michael Lostumo - Lostumbo Paving

"The Plow Right Marking Stakes are so much better than any other stake on the market! The tool makes it a breeze to install. No more getting fiberglass stuck in your hand when trying to install those expensive fiberglass stakes! The backpack saves you so much time from having to walk back and forth from the truck numerous times during an install. I’d recommend these to anyone!"

Pawel Chrzan - American Standard

"These are a true game changer. I wasn’t thinking they were going to be quality for what they were, but these are phenomenal. Great construction, great durability, and we had zero property damage this season. For the price we were even able to reuse 75-80% of them for next season. Best investment buying these!"

Will Lavosky - Labosky Contracting

"Plow Right Marking Stakes are the way to go! They save so much time."

Kevin Palaian - 5 Alarm Landscaping

"We are very happy overall with the quality of the stakes and ease of installation. The tool and backpack are as easy to use as your promotional video shows. It took about half the usual time to get everything marked we needed."

Justin Rossmeisl - Best Outdoor Services

"Excellent customer service, quality products!"

Mike Borek - Scotts Lawn Care

"I bought the kit. it was a game changer for me. I was done marking my multi-unit properties in a fraction of the normal time!"

Jacob Gonsior - Lake State Outdoor Services