Fiberglass Marker Stakes vs. Plow Right Marking Stakes

Posted by Eric Estes on Sep 20th 2021

Fiberglass Marker Stakes vs. Plow Right Marking Stakes

At Plow Right, we wanted to innovate the snowplow marker industry and evolve the traditional wooden and fiberglass marker stakes that have overwhelmed the market. Through extensive research, we were able to create snowplow markers that are more durable, cost-effective, and easier to install than the rest. Learn how our hollow high-density polyethylene stakes have changed the game!

Fiberglass Marker Stakes Aren't as Durable

Fiberglass comprises of plastic reinforced by glass fibers that are randomly arranged and woven. Due to its composition, it can easily splinter or break. Instead, our snowplow markers are constructed of hollow High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum and is considered one of the most versatile plastic materials that are flexible and can rebound if hit. Moreover, it is weather-resistant and performs well in low temperatures. As a result, our snow markers made of High-Density Polyethylene are built to last and are an investment you can count on.

Improved and Efficient Installation

As we developed our innovative marking stakes, we also wanted to improve how snow stakes were installed. Unlike the tools needed to install fiber marking stakes, we created an installation tool that works efficiently with our HDPE stakes and eliminates the need to drill or pound the stake into the ground. Our tool allows users to easily insert our hollow HDPE stakes 4-5 inches into the ground in a single motion. The tool pierces a hole in the ground and when lifted, it releases the marker firmly in its place. As a result, users have found that they can insert hundreds of stakes in an hour. For maximum coverage and efficiency, we recommend staking your property in October.

Plow Right Marking Stakes Are Cost-Effective

Due to their durability, ease of installation, and material, our marking stakes are also cost-effective. At half the cost of fiberglass marker stakes, our flexible marker stakes offer the same thickness, while also being hollow and weather-resistant. And besides their competitive pricing, you can even increase your profits by offsetting their costs!

Mark Your Property with Plow Right Marking Stakes

Plow Right has everything you need to increase boundary visibility and reduce damage to turf, sprinklers, and curbs. Our premium stakes are comprised of hollow high-density polyethylene that will outlast the winter. Please contact us to learn more or shop now!