How to Use Snow Markers to Offset Costs and Grow Profits

Posted by Eric Estes on Mar 8th 2021

How to Use Snow Markers to Offset Costs and Grow Profits

As the snow begins to roll in, most snow removal businesses are dealing with extra expenses. Snow plow markers can be used to offset those costs, along with protecting both the customer's property and company's equipment. By being transparent and communicative with your clients, you can ensure this cost will be of value to both parties, and can generate additional revenue.

High Quality Snow Stakes Provide High Profitability 

Driveway snow markers help to protect properties and ensure a clean and professional experience. It is also important to choose high-quality stakes to ensure positive results. For example, our hollow high-density polyethylene snow stakes guarantee longevity and efficacy. These materials often come in a variety of sizes and colors that can be used in both commercial and residential settings.

How to Offset Snow Removal Costs with Driveway Snow Markers

You can offset the costs of snow markers with staking fees. Most snow removal contractors include the staking fees in the total cost of the job, instead of directing charging the customer separately. Snow removal contractors are usually responsible for any site damage. So, many contractors list stakes as a required line item on their contract. If prompted, feel free to explain the value of snow markers to your customers. They will often understand and appreciate that stakes ensure that their property is protected.

Or, many contractors choose to absorb the total cost of stakes because it can help protect their equipment, the property, and can help protect them against liability concerns.

How to Generate Additional Revenue with Driveway Snow Markers

Driveway snow markers offer great potential to generate additional revenue. If you calculate the cost of marking stakes and the labor cost of staking the property, you can offer a fair price that will generate additional revenue. For example, depending on how quickly your team can stake a property, you can charge at least 50% more than the total cost of the product and labor. Also, keep in mind that Plow Right Marking Stakes are reusable! So, our stakes offer added profitability potential with our unique quality and design.

Start Selling and Profiting Today

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