5 Reasons You Should Order a Driveway Marker Set Early

Posted by Eric Estes on Aug 27th 2021

5 Reasons You Should Order a Driveway Marker Set Early

It is beneficial to preemptively order driveway marker sets and stake your properties early. Time passes quickly, and the next thing you know, the first snow of the season rolls in. Learn why it is well worth the effort to get in on the action early.

Order Early to Stake Your Property Before the Ground Freezes

We recommend purchasing and installing a driveway marker set in the fall. Although this may seem early, installing stakes by October is ideal because the ground is soft and allows for easier installation. By being proactive, you can avoid the hassle of staking your property when the ground is frozen and near impossible to break through. Additionally, make sure to purchase a staking tool that pierces the ground and releases a marker firmly in its place. The stakes should be placed 2-4 inches in the ground to ensure they last through the winter.

Secure a High-Quality Durable Driveway Marker 

Instead of purchasing low-quality wooden stakes at the last minute when winter has already begun, you can secure high-quality stakes at a comparable price. High-quality stakes made of hollow high-density polyethylene will not crack or split, and are reusable for years to come! Also, these materials come in a variety of sizes and colors to best suit your needs. If you are a contractor, you can even learn how to offset their initial cost.

Avoid Long Shipping Durations During the Holiday Season

We all know the holiday season can be stressful—especially when shipping durations are longer or package delivery becomes delayed due to holiday gift shopping. So, avoid the headache of dealing with that hassle by shopping early for your driveway markers. Give yourself sufficient time between your order date and staking date to ensure a smooth experience.

Lessen Risks Associated with Installing Markers in the Winter

We all know the added risks of fiddling outside during the winter. The ground is frozen, icicles have formed, and the temperature can be uncomfortable. By ordering and staking early, you can lessen the chances of having to deal with these issues.

Gain Peace of Mind that Your Property is Protected 

And finally, you get to rest easy during the winter months if your property is staked early. Even if there is severe weather or an unprecedented amount of snow, you have already proactively protected your property such as your driveways, mailbox, trees, garden decor, and more!

Order Your Driveway Marker Set with Plow Right

Plow Right has everything you need to secure your property this fall. We sell premium stakes comprised of hollow high-density polyethylene that will outlast the winter. Please contact us to learn more or shop now!