New Advanced Polymer 46" Hollow Marking Stakes

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46" snow stakes from Plow Right offer great visibility with long length to extend over high snowdrifts. These rebounding marking stakes are constructed of our New Advanced Polymer Blend that will never splinter, crack, or break. They are also reusable year after year, far superior to wood or fiberglass driveway markers! They are 3/8" OD; for that same thickness in fiberglass, you would pay more than twice our price. Our driveway plow stakes are designed to increase boundary visibility, reduce damage to turf, sprinklers, and curbs, and increase profits! And best of all, everything we offer is 100% Made in the USA.

*Due to the high speed of our production equipment our stakes have a +/- 1" length tolerance.

New Advanced Polymer Blend Version 2.0!

We have spent the entire off-season in R&D, trying different blends, and testing. We are finally in production and we couldn't be more EXCITED!

BRAND NEW FOR 2022 is the introduction of our new polymer blend! Our snow stakes are now tougher than ever. Now our stakes stay up straighter and rebound even better all while never cracking, breaking or splintering. The difference is astonishing!  


Reflective Stake Option

BRAND NEW FOR 2022 a reflective stake option! You asked for it and we are going to deliver. They will feature a 2" White reflective band at the top of each stake. They will provide unmatched night visibility, all while standing up to all of the elements and abuse!

Order Yours Today! Supply Will Be Very Limited This Year!

*Reflective Stakes will only be available in 50, 100, and 200 count boxes currently.

Snow Stake Installation Tools and Carrying Packs

If you don't own any already, consider buying our unique Installation Tools and Carrying Packs! They make installing snow stakes as easy as 1-2-3:

Step One: Slide the marking stake into the installation tool.

Step Two: Push the installation tool into the ground.

Step Three: Remove the installation tool to reveal the stake firmly in place.

Learn More about our Snow Stakes

Once you experience the difference of commercial snow stakes for yourself, you’ll never go back to any other marking stake again! Click here to learn from snow removal professionals about how our marking stakes make a difference, and click here to learn how to offset the cost of snow stakes. If you have any questions, please contact us or call us at (866) Dry-Salt. We will be happy to help you!