Snow Sticks: Cost-Effective & Easy Install

Posted by Plow Right on May 14th 2022

Snow Sticks: Cost-Effective & Easy Install

Ever wonder how to more easily install marking stakes around curbs, parking lots, property lines, and more? Before a long snowy winter, order snow sticks and installation tools from Plow Right to improve your process and profitability. Our high-quality snow stakes and user-friendly installation tool make for the fastest and easiest way to install flexible, vibrant snow markers. Here's how!

When and How to Install Snow Sticks

To start, Plow Right recommends installing snow sticks in autumn or early winter. We suggest installing stakes this early in the season while the ground is soft, allowing the stakes to be driven into the ground easily. The stakes should be placed 2-4 inches in the ground to ensure they last through the winter. We recommend using a staking tool for effortless installation. It pierces a hole in the ground and releases the marker firmly in its place when lifted. It's a much easier, quicker process than using a screwdriver.

Where to Place Snow Sticks

It is best to place driveway markers a few inches away from roads and curbs. That space allows for snowplows to move while taking account of any obstacles and ensuring the markers aren't positioned in a place where they can be damaged. You should leave a 10-15 foot distance between each stake. Besides the perimeter of the parking lot or road, you also want to mark any other obstacles such as fire hydrants, gas meters, rocks, and trees. When setting the markers on a curve, we recommend placing extra snow sticks alongside critical points of the curve. Use your best judgment to cover any potential gaps.

Save on Overall Lifetime Costs

Plow Right offers high-quality snow sticks that do not splinter or break in winter conditions. They last much longer than cheaper options, saving you money throughout the lifetime of each snow stake. You can guarantee our snow sticks are made to last and are built to handle even the toughest winter conditions like windstorms and snowplows. Considering the amount of snow markers you'll need, it may be cost-efficient to buy your stakes in bulk.

Order Now or Contact Us

Order our durable snow sticks and handy installation tools now. Don’t wait until next winter to make sure you get what you need. To learn more about Plow Right Marking Stakes, please contact us.