Fire Hydrant Markers

Posted by Eric Estes on Jun 13th 2022

Fire Hydrant Markers

When winter comes and brings a snowy season, fire hydrants, curbs, road markers, and driveways become buried beneath layers of snow. For snowplow operators and emergency services, the lack of visibility can pose a significant hazard. Learn how to use Plow Right marking stakes as fire hydrant markers to mitigate the chance of an accident occurring.


Typical fire hydrants are approximately 24 inches tall. They are purposefully designed to align with a fire truck’s intake threshold. But at the end of the day, two feet is not an impressive vertical. At that height, even small snow banks can cover them.

We recommend installing our 36" stakes or 48" stakes to mark the location of fire hydrants. Our snow stakes are specifically designed to create visibility, flagging where objects lie beneath the snow. Therefore, these colorful, high-visibility marking stakes are ideal options for fire hydrant markers. 

The Benefits of Plow Right's Fire Hydrant Markers

Our snow stakes are designed to make fire hydrants and other obstacles easier to spot. This is important for snow plow operators, but by installing fire hydrant markers, you are also providing a valuable service for firefighters. For firefighters, every second counts. In emergency situations, they need to find and attach their hose to the fire hydrant as fast as possible. Hydrant markers ensure that they can be located in a flash (and especially in bad weather conditions).

Plus, Plow Right's special installation tool makes installation a breeze. With our handy tool, you can quickly and easily insert fire hydrant markers into the ground, then release the tool in one motion. This helps you save time while also saving yourself from the risk of hitting a fire hydrant.


Plow Right has brought ingenuity into the snowplow and hydrant markers industry. We’ve evolved past the traditional wooden and fiberglass marker stakes that are prone to splintering and breaking, particularly in the winter. Our fire hydrant markers are designed for harsh, wet, low-temperature conditions. They’re more durable and cost half the price of their outdated fiberglass counterparts. Best of all, our hollow markers are designed for easy installation, enabling you to insert hundreds of stakes in a single hour.

Want to increase the visibility of your hydrants, driveway, curbs, and other roadside markers? Then you’re in the right place. Order marking stakes now, or contact us with any questions you may have!