Driveway Markers for Homeowners: Save Time & Money!

Posted by Plow Right on Mar 13th 2022

Driveway Markers for Homeowners: Save Time & Money!

Whether you're using Plow Right snow markers for commercial or residential marking, our goal is to keep properties safe and intact throughout the winter seasons. Our patented installation tool allows both professional and amateur users to install snow stakes effortlessly in one single motion. No more drilling, pounding, or fiberglass splinters. Learn why our snow stakes are great driveway markers for homeowners.

HDPE Driveway Markers Save Homeowners Money

Unlike fiberglass or wooden driveway markers, Plow Right offers high-quality snow stakes made of hollow high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This revolutionary material is reboundable, not splintering or breaking in winter conditions, unlike other materials. Though HDPE may cost more wood initially, it will last all winter, and sometimes multiple winters, saving you money throughout the lifetime of the snow stake. See how our HDPE stakes hold up against plows and even windstorms.

Our Homeowner Tool Makes Installation Quick and Easy

Installing driveway markers can be a pain, especially if the ground is already frozen, or if your soil is rocky. If you use a drill to create pilot holes, be prepared to burn through several bits. But with Plow Right's special homeowner installation tool, you can easily pierce a hole in the ground, and release the marker firmly in its place in one easy.  Click here to watch how easy it is! It not only makes installation easier, but it also boosts productivity.

Bright, Visible Driveway Markers

Here at Plow Right, we know it is essential to have bright color options. Winter conditions can make ordinary markers hard to see. Plow Right's marking stakes are available in several bright colors for you to choose from. Our driveway markers will stand out among the white snow to keep your property lines secure. This will help you see your markers so you're less likely to run into them. You can even get creative and color code using our driveway markers. You can choose a color to represent a specific obstacle or landmark to boost awareness of the surrounding area.

Multiple Snow Stake Length Options

Another essential feature of our snow stakes is the length options we offer. We offer our markers in three different sizes: 26”, 36”, and 48” inches high. Other snow markers may be too short, and the snow may pile over top of them. We offer different length options to accommodate all sorts of environmental factors. Whether your region gets only a few inches of snow or several feet of snow, we have length options that will work great for your needs.

Order Now

Well, what are you waiting for? Based on the factors listed above, Plow Right's driveway markers help homeowners save time and money. So, order now! If you have any other questions about our snow stakes, please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure that you choose the best product for your needs.